‘Record Store Match Boxes’

To celebrate what would have been Record Store Day 2020 (18 April 2020, but which has now moved to June 2020), Set of 9, Limited Edition.

With a Store summary on the reverse side, each matchbox recognises that as times & technology changes, Record Stores are hanging on, and in many cases thriving, as places to connect with an older time, connect with others, and to connect with, share and enjoy what is possibly the greatest art form of all time: Music.

Matches were invented 70 years before records and they also stay with us, despite newer, ‘better’ technology. Striking a match feels “real” – not unlike dropping that needle onto a vinyl LP.

This edition features Record Stores across Denmark, Norway & Sweden – where each Christmas, Advent candles are lit and placed in windows for others to see from the outside: another way of sharing. Each Record Store’s photo is taken from outside the windows and mimics the style of a postcard.