Creative, Constructive, Community

Michael’s work as Councillor is informed by three guiding principles:

Creative: Council – both Councillors and Staff – should be willing and able to operate creatively and adaptively wherever possible: “thinking outside of the box” and laterally to find solutions to problems, and new opportunities. This means being willing to look beyond the usual way of doing things and to experiment, test and iterate where appropriate. Approaches such as ‘design thinking’ should be used as much as possible, and always balanced against accountability and finite resources.

Constructive: whilst the adversarial process of debate is useful to rigourously test different points of view for support, it is too often binary and does not lead always to the best result. Better outcomes are possible when differing points of view are properly discussed and examined to identify elements and drivers that help to build a better solution. Rather than seeking to prove that the other point of view is wrong, Council is able to ensure it deeply understands each perspective on a matter, and look to address what really matters – this can not only lead to better decisions, but go a huge way to helping build a stronger, connected, more cohesive community.

Community: ideas and input from the community are essential to decisions made on their behalf, and whilst Councillors are representatives of the community and Council’s role is to make a final decision on matters, our community remains a rich sources of ideas, knowledge, practical experience and potential solutions. Ideally, Council can access community knowledge, ideas and expertise to inform its decision-making and lead to better outcomes to more effectively meet community needs.