Creative Capacity

“I believe that engaging with creative activity, in the form of arts and culture, is important in developing our own creative abilities. If we understand what art is doing and how it works, and maintain an awareness of how this enhances our own thinking, we increase our own creative abilities in our daily lives: our ‘creative capacity’.

“Our own creativity may not be applied to an artform, such as painting, music or drawing, but if it is, that offers us more opportunity to develop skills in innovative, adaptive and creative thinking. Our creative thinking can be used at work, in solving simple or complex problems we face, in planning or logistics and indeed how we live and enjoy our daily lives. Being creative is a fundamental human characteristic, increasingly essential, and one we risk losing unless we nourish and exercise it”.

Creative Capacity is a methodology that builds creativity skills in workplaces and teams based on a core principle of engagement with the arts and creative activities.