Creative Capacity

‘Creative Capacity’ is based on two simple beliefs:

  1. Creativity will increasingly become a crucial human skill
  2. We can build and maintain our own creative abilities in a similar way to maintaining physical abilities – practice, habit and ‘creative activity’. This can be in whatever creative field we choose, or which suits our skills – it could be gardening, cooking, playing music, drawing, painting, signing in a choir or dancing, writing poetry or prose, DJ-ing or craft and handiwork.

So, as well as the creativity I strive to apply to my legal and local government work, I try to find time to pursue my own creativity and make it as much a “habit” and a part of my daily life as I can. I’m obviously not trying to set the world on fire, but I share some of my creative work below, in the hope it may inspire you.

I also believe that engaging with others’ creative activity, particularly in the form of arts and culture, is important in developing our own creative abilities. If we better understand what art is doing or how it works, and become aware of how this enhances our own thinking, we increase our own creative abilities in our daily lives: our ‘creative capacity’.”

Our own creativity offers us opportunity to develop skills in innovative, adaptive and creative thinking, which can then be used at work, in solving other simple or complex life problems we face, in planning or logistics in our daily lives, and indeed how we live and enjoy life. Being creative is an inherent human characteristic – but we need to nourish and exercise it.

Creative Capacity is a methodology that builds creativity skills in workplaces and teams based on a core principle of engagement with the arts and creative activities.

Some of Michael’s recent creative work can be found here:

Northern Light Series‘ // ‘Lit Through Glass‘ // ‘Design, Design

Record Store Match Boxes‘ (in celebration of Record Store Day)