Cottesloe Council

Michael Tucak is a Town of Councillor (East Ward) until 2021.

On this page, Michael posts on Council decisions, matters and agenda items, areas for input and Town of Cottesloe news. The “Terms of Use” apply.

Please note: to contact Michael directly on Council matters, please use the contact details listed on the Town of Cottesloe’s “Meet Your Councillors”.

Ordinary Council Meeting – 22 September 2020

Consultation (albeit limited) on the new Dutch Inn Playground, street tree species changes, next steps for ‘North Cott Primary Car Park’, and further moves toward securing Sculpture by the Sea for Cottesloe. New Dutch Inn Playground Following 2019’s ‘Public Open Space Strategy‘, a new expanded playground at Dutch Inn was given first priority, with the […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 25 August 2020

Initial design steps for Anderson Pavilion’s replacement, Shark Barrier back this summer, and further steps toward ‘The Cove’ surf break path upgrade. And, al fresco plans approved surrounding the Cottesloe Beach Hotel. Anderson Pavilion (Football Oval, Harvey Field) Whilst the need for an upgrade of Anderson Pavilion has been clear for while, this project was […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 28 July 2020

Foreshore ‘Car Park One’ ‘short term bays’ reduced, several petitions received, a new Privacy Policy – and an Acknowledgement of Country. Car Park One Council approved a Masterplan (the guiding concept for the Car Park One upgrade) in 2019, based on the extensive community consultation occuring throughout 2019. Tonight, Council’s approval was sought on the […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 23 June 2020

Cottesloe’s experienced ‘Art Panel’ wiped out in one fell swoop – and a move away from supporting the artists who are the ‘heart‘ of Sculpture by the Sea. Plus, one first real step toward Reconciliation, albeit not an entirely inclusive one. A range of other items were addressed at the last Cottesloe Council meeting for […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 26 May 2020

It was a 3:1 scorecard against ‘best case’ Council decisions this month (in my view). More on that below. However, May’s Cottesloe Council Meeting also marked an important moment in the combined government response to institutional child abuse. National Redress Scheme Council voted unanimously to participate with the WA Government in the National Redress Scheme […]

Special Council Meeting – 17 March 2020 (COVID-19)

Tonight’s Special Council Meeting was called on a day’s notice to address COVID-19 issues, a few days after the pandemic was formally declared. At this “SCM”, the Town’s first response to COVID-19 was a recommendation to delegate to the CEO all power to “make any lawful decision” deal with the health crisis. Such a delegation […]

Special Council Meeting – 27 February 2020

In this post I’ll summarise both of Council’s steps to support ‘Sculpture by the Sea‘. These occured both at this ‘SCM’ called for that purpose, and the February “OCM”. In summary, Council approved $70,000 in direct support to “SxS” in 2020, and the procurement of traffic management and provision of extra toilets . The key […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 28 May 2019

I took a few hits in my effort to make what I see as positive change at Cottesloe in May. Council legalised dogs in theatres & public pools just because we don’t currently have either, despite my urging to leave that ‘as is’ (ie “not broke”). More importantly, Council took a step backwards (in my […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 26 March 2019

I was an apology for this month’s Council meeting, but I was very pleased to hear on the next morning’s RTRFM 92.1 radio news that the no-smoking ban had been applied to all beaches. I’m hopeful that this will lead to a greater understanding of the impact cigarette butts have on marine life, and also […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 26 February 2019

Another packed Council meeting – but sadly one that ended with what I consider to be an ongoing issue with the culture at Cottesloe, singling-out one Councillor with targetted restrictions that seem undemocratic, when other solutions do exist. I spoke of my strong concerns about this cultural and democratic issue at the meeting, despite some […]

Special Council Meeting – 5 February 2019

This post summarises the outcome of the first (and ‘early’) Council meeting for 2019. The full agenda and attachments can be found at the Town’s site. Item 9.1 (“Swanbourne Village“) concerned the Town’s Report to the Joint Development Assessment Panel, which had been submitted by the Town prior to this Special Council Meeting in order […]