Cottesloe Council

Michael Tucak is a Town of Councillor (East Ward) until 2021.

On this page, Michael posts on Council decisions, matters and agenda items, areas for input and Town of Cottesloe news. The “Terms of Use” apply.

Please note: to contact Michael directly on Council matters, please use the contact details listed on the Town of Cottesloe’s “Meet Your Councillors”.

Ordinary Council Meeting – 26 March 2019

I was an apology for this month’s Council meeting, but I was very pleased to hear on the next morning’s RTRFM 92.1 radio news that the no-smoking ban had been applied to all beaches. I’m hopeful that this will lead to a greater understanding of the impact cigarette butts have on marine life, and also […]

Annual Electors Meeting – 28 February 2019

A lot has been said and written about last month’s contentious meeting – and in my view, rightly so – but there is a clear silver lining we risk missing out on. In my opinion, Council should simply accept responsibility for a meeting that was not as ideal as it could have been – yes, […]

Ordinary Council Meeting – 26 February 2019

Another packed Council meeting – but sadly one that ended with what I consider to be an ongoing issue with the culture at Cottesloe, singling-out one Councillor with targetted restrictions that seem undemocratic, when other solutions do exist. I spoke of my strong concerns about this cultural and democratic issue at the meeting, despite some […]

Special Council Meeting – 5 February 2019

This post summarises the outcome of the first (and ‘early’) Council meeting for 2019. The full agenda and attachments can be found at the Town’s site. Item 9.1 (“Swanbourne Village“) concerned the Town’s Report to the Joint Development Assessment Panel, which had been submitted by the Town prior to this Special Council Meeting in order […]

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