Ordinary Council Meeting – 28 July 2020

Foreshore ‘Car Park One’ ‘short term bays’ reduced, several petitions received, a new Privacy Policy – and an Acknowledgement of Country.

Car Park One

Council approved a Masterplan (the guiding concept for the Car Park One upgrade) in 2019, based on the extensive community consultation occuring throughout 2019. Tonight, Council’s approval was sought on the first ‘detailed design’ based upon that approved 2019 Masterplan.

Despite the Masterplan reflecting the clear community desire for ‘short term bays’ for ocean viewing, morning swimmers and winter surfers, the first stage of ‘detailed design’ reduced the number of these bays AND moved them further from the beach and surf break, into the lowest part of the Car Park.

Council’s designers had indicated that improvements to these ‘short term bays’ for “active use” (ie not for long term car parking) were possible or feasible, but of course required changes to other parts of the design. I worked with members of the community to make residents aware of this – and which was the only area of the approved Masterplan reduced for any user group. In fact, the only other material change from the Masterplan in Car Park One was to move the Universal Access path to the north, to make it MORE USEABLE. By contrast, the reduction & shifting back of short term bays would appear to make them LESS USEABLE by “active users”.

However, Council voted 8/1 against even exploring how any improvements could be made by the designers. This was despite the clear community need informing the Masterplan. No public consultation (nor any real publication) of the ‘detailed design’ took place, outside of the Agenda Attachments. I was unclear what strong obstacle prevented such an exploration, but it seemed to be simply that more useable short term car bays could not co-exist with the pedestrian nature of the Foreshore area.

I strongly believe that design (and skilled designers like those Council has engaged on the Foreshore detailed design) is best placed to resolve issues like this, it in fact being one of design’s core skills – to optimally resolve competing user demands in often complex settings. So, I was personally very disappointed that “design was not allowed to shine” on what is happening to such an important part of our Town – one that is used by so many of us, in so many different, special ways.

On the left is what Council approved in 2019 – on the right is the design approved tonight.

The next phase of the ‘detailed design’ is now taking place, and should come back to Council some time in September.


Several petitions were presented to and accepted by Council in July 2020:

  • approximately 514 signatures opposing the proposed Cottesloe Skate Park at Grant Marine Park.
  • approximately 2,200 signatures opposing permanent closure, selling, demolition or renaming of Lady Lawley Cottage and that the legacy of Lady Annie Lawley and the history of the building be preserved.
  • approximately 25 signatures opposing the choice of Coastal Sheoak (Casuarina equisetifolia) as street tree species for Hamersley Street.
  • approximately 9 signatures requesting deferral of the agenda item on Geraldine St ‘public access way’, until consultation with neighbours takes place and requesting Council pursue alternative solutions that allows continued access to a garage (but no other vehicle access).

A petition of approximately 200 signatures that I helped organise for ‘more short term car bays’ in the Car Park One upgrade design, was rejected by Council.

Privacy Policy

Following further work by staff and some councillors, a new Privacy Policy was presented to Council for approval. I remained concerned about the wide wording on how residents personal information could be used in future. My view was that if a future use cannot be accurately and clearly described now, then it’s not something residents can consent to now, and the Town should seek future consent if ‘unforseen’ uses arise. [NB: the new Policy has not at the time of posting this been updated]

Acknowledgement of Country

Last – and by no means least (and good news to end on!) – Council adopted an ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ for all Council (and Committee) meetings, being:

I would like to begin by acknowledging the Whadjuk Nyoongar people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we meet today, and pay my respects to their Elders past and present. I extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples here today.’

ADOPTED 28 July 2020 as acknowledgement of First Peoples at Cottesloe Council meetings.

So, on that note, I acknowledge my deep respect for the Aboriginal people and heritage of the Cottesloe area – known as Mudurup on the coast.

Michael Tucak

  1. Margaret Muirhead says:

    Hey Michael,
    WELL DONE on moving Acknowledgement of Country on to the Agenda and succeeding!
    Also, well done for keeping us, in your Ward, so well informed of the progress, or not, of developments
    at Council Meetings.
    Thank you
    Margaret Muirhead

    • Michael Tucak says:

      Thank you Margaret – it was unanimously supported by Councillors, and was by the Administration, so was very much a team effort – and one very pleasing to see. Michael

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