Ordinary Council Meeting – 26 March 2019

I was an apology for this month’s Council meeting, but I was very pleased to hear on the next morning’s RTRFM 92.1 radio news that the no-smoking ban had been applied to all beaches. I’m hopeful that this will lead to a greater understanding of the impact cigarette butts have on marine life, and also the simple enjoyment of our beautiful WA beaches. Its been almost daily that I see a discarded butt or roach in the sand, where I swim away from the popular beach areas. I look forward to a real cultural change on the sand.

I was pleased also that a balance was found between the exclusive use of Isolated surf break on a monthly basis by the Cott Longboard Club and the many free-surfers who enjoy that break, often travelling some distance. It is a perfect break for longboards (much less attractive for short-boards), so the solution of signage on the grass bank notifying surfers in advance of the weekends that Isolated will be ‘out of bounds’ for competitions should help alleviate the issue – and may even drive a few new members to the Club! I strongly support the Cott Longboard Club’s regular competition activities.

Another good result was the seeking of feedback from other local councils on the shark barrier technology options each has used, in us assessing how we may proceed. If Cottesloe is to invest in one barrier technology, it makes sense to know others experience of what they have implemented. I have for example wondered whether the Town’s current Foreshore and Beach Paths works, as performed by a contracted third party, could have gone so much better if we had obtained input on ‘past performance’ on other recent works, particularly from councils also with an environment sensitive to materials-waste, or a hectic summer season requiring work to be completed promptly.

I’ll update this post when I’ve received the formal minutes of this meeting.

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