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Lawyer // Councillor // Creative

"Creativity can solve almost any problem"
George Lois


Michael Tucak offers his professional skills and experience across three core areas - his ongoing legal practice, his current role as Councillor at Town of Cottesloe, and in his emerging consulting, presentation and advisory work around "creative capacity".

The unifying thread through Michael's work is creative thinking, and solving complex issues.


Michael's primary focus is his legal practice, where he provides tailored, specialist advice to creative and commercial activities. As a sole practitioner, he is available, personal and pragmatic. See More


Michael was elected as East Ward Councillor at the Town of Cottesloe in 2017, he holds office until 2021. See More


Michael's professional career has been guided by the core principles of creativity, constructive thinking or discussion, and the power of community in our society. He has eschewed the adversarial over collaboration, has faith in 'creative bureaucracy' and has an involvement and commitment in community activities. See More


Michael's emerging activity is as speaker and facilitator on the power of creativity and how each of us can tap into our own creative capacity. See More

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